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What every distributor needs to know NOW about sales taxes

Posted by Kenneth Mostello on Jul 25, 2018 4:26:09 PM

I’ve been writing this year about eCommerce and how it can help small-to-medium-sized distribution businesses stay competitive. In June, the US Supreme Court made eCommerce a little more complicated thanks to—but fortunately there are technology solutions that can simplify things.

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Topics: distribution, eCommerce, business velocity, software, sales tax

Amazon May be a Key for Your Distribution Business Growth

Posted by Kenneth Mostello on Jun 27, 2018 6:42:05 PM

Forrester Research has projected that by 2021, eCommerce will comprise 13.1% of all US B2B sales, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.4%. A while back, I wrote about eCommerce as the #1 way to grow your distribution business, and part of that conversation included establishing an effective eCommerce presence through 3rd party sites.

It may surprise you to learn that the site with the most opportunity for major revenue boosts is Amazon. That’s right—the world’s number one retail mass marketplace might also be a profitable B2B sales channel for your distribution business.

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Topics: distribution, eCommerce, innovation

Digital Marketing for Distributors: Get started (and go far) with the basics.

Posted by Kenneth Mostello on Jun 7, 2018 4:39:28 PM

Some time ago I posted about eCommerce for distributors, and how it's the #1 way to grow your business. Whether or not you're ready to commit to a digital retailing strategy (it IS a big step), I encourage you to take a serious look at adopting digital marketing.

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Topics: distributors, eCommerce, business transformation, digital marketing, martech, digital marketing toolkit

eCommerce: The #1 Way to Grow Your Distribution Business

Posted by Kenneth Mostello on Feb 9, 2018 1:50:01 PM

In my last article I asked the question, "Are you still distributing like it's 1999" I also compared old-school, paper-based sales, ordering, and fulfillment processes with the methods of a 21st-century distribution business-"Distributor 2.0"-that's maximizing today's avaliable technology.

Distributor 2.0 isn’t hypothetical. These are real, thriving companies, some of whom we work with. In my opinion they’re visionary distribution businesses. They know where they want to go and how they want to grow. And they’re committed to doing what it takes to get there. It starts with growing their sales, and the #1 thing they’re doing in that effort is establishing eCommerce sales channels.

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Topics: distribution, eCommerce, business transformation

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