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WATCH THE WEBINAR: "Transforming your Distribution Business for the 21st Century"

Posted by Kenneth Mostello on May 2, 2018 2:51:46 PM
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Register now for our May 17 webinar: 'Transforming your Distribution Business for the 21st Century.'Small-to-medium-size distributors: You are under threat.

With product and pricing information readily available online, your reliable customers are looking elsewhere for the items they need—and prospective new customers may be overlooking you entirely. It’s time to fight back. It’s time for business transformation.

Watch the webinar now: "Transforming Your Distribution Business for the 21st Century"

Co-presented by Infor's Brandon Stacken and me, "Transforming Your Distribution Business for the 21st Century" demonstrates how distributors can better use IT to become more efficient, productive, and, above all, competitive.

Watch the webinar and you'll learn about: 

  •  Watch the Expertek Webinar, "Transforming Your Distribution Business for the 21st Century." The current threats to small-to-medium distribution enterprises.
  • The 4 transformational actions that can help assure the long-term success of your business.
  • The successful business transformation of one small distributor.
  • The critical steps in making your distribution technology plan.

You’ll come out of this webinar armed with proven strategies that can keep your business competitive now, and position it for sustainable growth over the long term. WATCH IT NOW.


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Distributors, start your 2019 business planning by downloading the Expertek ebook, Navigating a Changing Distribution Landscape.

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